Radosveta Dimitrova

Docent of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University

Press Releases/invited commentary


Raval, V. V., & Dimitrova, R. (2015). A report of the 2015 Regional Meeting of International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico (July 28-31, 2015). International Psychology Bulletin, APA, 19, 53-55.

Dimitrova, R. (2015). Adolescent multiple identities in a multicultural Europe. Special Issue EARA Newsletter, 2-3. 

Dimitrova, R. (2015). Multiple identities and relations to well-being of Bulgarian minority and mainstream adolescents. Special Issue EARA Newsletter, 3-5.

Dimitrova, R., & Ilianova, K. V. (2015). One world with common dreams.  

Dimitrova, R. (2014). Being an International Early Career Scholar at SRCD: Why is Important and How We Can Best Reach Out to More International Colleagues? Society for Research in Child Development, SRCD Developments 

Dimitrova, R. (2014). Collective Identity and Well-Being of Bulgarian Roma Adolescents and Their Mothers. EARA Emerging Scholars Spotlight 

Dimitrova, R. (2013). How Can Division 52 Best Reach Out to International Students? International Psychology Bulletin, APA, 

Dimitrova, R. (2013). Stability and Change of Collective Identity among Youth in Post-Communist Europe. Society for Research on Adolescence, SRA blog 

Education week, Education week, Sweden

NEWSLETTER OF THE EUROPEAN ACADEMIC NETWORK ON ROMANI STUDIES (see page 2) RAN_Newsletter_2nd_Issue_final.pdf (298560)

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