Radosveta Dimitrova

Docent of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University

Roma Youth Across Europe

This is a large multinational study on contextual and individual predictors of positive psychological outcomes among Roma youth across several European countries. These youth belong to the Europe’s largest and most vulnerable minority. Research on Roma populations has consistently documented their disadvantaged conditions, poor mental health and well-being, social exclusion and discrimination. This project builds on strengths of Roma youth to outline new avenues to foster a sustainable development in Roma communities and capitalize on Roma resources and success. Products of the study include dissemination of findings in both academic and community outlets to increase the awareness for strengths of Roma among academics, educators, policy makers, the general public, and of course the Roma themselves.
3000 youth (ages 16 to 18) in Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Kosovo, and Romania)
Topics of study
Identity (descriptors, ethnic, family, religious, personal), school engagement, motivation, burn out, aspirations, discrimination experiences, life satisfaction, well-being, social connectedness, friendships, family ethnic socialization
Amina Abubakar (Lancaster University, UK)
Byron Adams (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
Delia Stefenel (University of Sibiu, Romania)
Fitim Uka (European Center for Vocational Education, Kosovo)
Iva Polackova Solcova (The Czech Academy of Sciences, the Czech Republic)
Pasquale Musso (University of Palermo, Italy)
Skerdi Zahaj (Univeristy of Tirana, Albania)
Venzislav Jordanov (University of World and National Economy, Bulgaria)
Dimitrova, R., van de Vijver, F. J. R., Taušová, J., Chasiotis, A., Bender, M., Buzea, C., Uka, F., & Tair, E. (2016). Ethnic, familial and religious identity and their relations to well-being of Roma in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania. Child Development, forthcoming
Dimitrova, R., et al. (2016). Ethnic and national identity of Roma in Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Kosovo: Implications for self-esteem and positive psychological functioning. In M. Kosic & S. Holland (Eds.), Identities, Societies and Conflicts. NY, USA: Cambridge University Press.
Dimitrova, R., et al. (2016). Identity resources for positive adaptation of Roma youth in Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Kosovo and Romania. In A. Petersen (Ed.), Positive Youth Development in a Global Recession, NY, USA: Taylor & Francis. forthcoming
Dimitrova, R., & Jordanov, V. (2015). Do family ethnic pressure and national identity enhance psychological well-being among Roma youth in Bulgaria? Special Issue on Roma youth, The Journal of the International Network for Prevention in Child Maltreatment, 23-35.
Popular media 
Ilianova, K. V. (2015). One world with common dreams.