Radosveta Dimitrova

Docent of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University

Turkish Youth Study

This is an ongoing cross-cultural study on acculturation processes among Turkish ethnic minority youth in Bulgaria and Germany. These countries host large Turkish immigrant groups but with very distinctive features and patterns of settlement. Turkish youth in Bulgaria are part of an indigenous community, living in the country from many generations ago, whereas Turkish youth in Germany are the grandchildren of “guestworkers” or third generation immigrants. The project examines how these youth negotiate their bicultural identities, host and heritage cultures and what effects these have on their well-being and social functioning. 


700 youth (ages 16 to 18) with Turkish background in Bulgaria and Germany 

Topics of study

Bicultural identity, acculturation orientations, ethnic discrimination, prosocial behaviors, well-being.


Arzu Aydinli-Karakulak (Bahçeşehir University, Turkey)



Aydinli, A. & Dimitrova, R. (2015). The dark side of multiple identities among Turkish-Bulgarian and Turkish-German adolescents, Special Issue, Journal of Adolescence. doi: 10.1016/j.adolescence.2015.09.010