Radosveta Dimitrova

Docent of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Stockholm University


2015 Nordic Conference on Romani Studies https://linguistlist.org/confservices/customhome.cfm?Emeetingid=5602JA4458BE605A40A050441

European Association of Developmental Psychology 17th Biennial Conference, September 8-12, Braga, Portugal https://ecdpbraga2015.com/

IACCP Regional Meeting, Chiapas, Mexico iaccp2015.org/

Society for the Research in Child Development, SRCD Biennial Meeting

March 19 – 21, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA https://www.srcd.org/meetings/biennial-meeting/2015-call-submissions

International Academy for Intercultural Research IAIR, 9th Biennial Congress,

28th of June - 02nd of July, Bergen, Norway https://www.uib.no/en/iair2015

Society for the Study of Human Development, 9th SSHD Biennial Meeting

Fall 2015, Austin, Texas https://support.sshdonline.org/9th-biennial-meeting-theme-announced/

Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood, SSEA Biennial Meeting October 14-16 Miami, USA https://www.ssea.org/

International Association for Relationship Research IARR, Mini Conference, July 9-11, Amsterdam, the Netherlands https://www.iarr2015amsterdam.nl/